Bernardo Grossenbacher was born in Bern, Switzerland.

When he was 17, he participated in the international Jazz Festival in Zurich as pianist.

He passed as church-organist and for theory the conservatory Biel-Bienne the examination with distinction.

Studies in conducting by Jost Meier, Dr.Helmuth Rilling and Dr.Ewald Körner;
Study of microtonal music at the NEC, (New England Conservatory), Boston by Joseph G.Maneri;

Shorter studies by Ruth Pache, Rosmarie Meister (vocal), Béla Szedlŕk (double bass), E.Gartmann (trumpet), H.Urabl and Runo Eriksson (Perc.) and at the NEC ( Third Streem).

Founder of:
The Choir of the Gymnasium Thun;
Choir of the University Bern;
International Microtonal Society (IMS).
He gave many courses and he taught a Master class in conducting at the NEC, Boston.

After many years as instructor for music and as conductor, he spends his time exclusively to compose. Some works got performed in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and Monaco.

Bernardo Grossenbacher lives in Europe in summer and in winter in Asia.

More information: http://grossenbacher.co